Understanding the Divine Gut: How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health

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You can also install software such as f. Another great software is Iristech. Though not free, it is much more extensive than f. Keep your room cold and dark. In short, it is easier to fall asleep in a cold environment than a hot one. In fact, it is believed that evening shifts in temperature from hot to cold are more influential on circadian sleep rhythm than sunlight.

In short, keep your sleep environment somewhat cool or cold, and keep it dark. Pitch black darkness is best, and you can make this happen using special window blinds and by covering or unplugging electronics with LED lights. As far as cold, most people find that a room temperature from 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 works well. Inversion or Foam Rolling Before Bed.

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Foam rolling and inversion are two great ways to sleep soundly, while also improving mobility and oxygenation. Inversion refers to hanging upside-down using devices such as the Teeter inversion table, or Gravity boots. Inversion tables allow you to hang upside down, which helps the health of your spine, oxygenates the blood and brain, and strengthens your core. Foam rolling, on the other hand, refers to a method of releasing muscle tension and knots with devices called, you guessed it, foam rollers. Foam rolling is great for you, and is one of the best ways to release body tension that even yoga has a tough time remedying.

The theme here is to release tension before bed, and many top performers such as the investor and author Tim Ferris swear by these techniques. Here are 2 inversion devices and 3 foam rollers available on Amazon:. Many people use pharmaceuticals such as Ambien to address sleep issues. Few of the processes that heal your body and mind during sleep occur. Parsley is a former Navy Seal who made sleep research his life work after discovering that sleep deprivation is a major component in the health problems of special forces members.

This is one of my favorite daily habits, and a great way to deal with needing more sleep but not finding time. Take a mid day nap. Just napping for 20 to 60 minutes will refresh you for the rest of your day, and shows evidence to be a more natural way of sleeping. For my part, this nap left me feeling fresh right up until I went to bed at night, and for every 20 minutes of napping, I felt like I got an extra hour of sleep.

As with nightly sleep, keep your nap at the same time every day. Also, if you drink coffee in the morning, this may affect your ability to nap.

The Candida Reset Program | Rachel A. Feldman | Your Health Coach Biz with Rachel Feldman

P ossibly the most complicated and difficult to understand problem in life: What the heck do we eat? Every year, a new food becomes trendy, and another one becomes demonized. However, there is a method to the madness, and these following tips will give you the tools and the mindset to finally eat right. Some diets work for some people and not for others.

What constitutes a real food? Can you grow it in a garden, or is it directly from an animal. Preservatives and chemicals are good for nobody. You may have a long journey ahead of you to discover your personal optimal diet, but start by cutting the crap. As we alluded to in our intro to this section, some foods are not worth eating no matter who you are. For most people, the 5 things you should cut from your diet right away are:. Eat Healthy Fat. One of the biggest mistakes in nutrition history was the decision to call people a food.

Fat is both a state of being that is unhealthy and undesirable when the word describes a human, but is an essential source of fuel when the word describes food. Look, there is a reason our bodies store body fat: to store fuel for periods of fasting or low carbohydrate consumption.


Understanding The Divine Gut Book by Scott Mathias

Fats in our diet are also the essential building blocks for our hormones, which have a far greater effect on weight gain or loss than our fat consumption. Over-consumption of sugar is the culprit behind massive weight gain in most cases. Living on sugar our whole lives has caused many of us to stop burning fat, which leads to said fat getting stored on our bodies. Shifting your diet to include less sugar, especially processed sugar, and into containing more healthy fats like avocados, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, ghee, nuts, and olive oil, leads to improved hormonal profiles, weight loss, and other benefits.

There are bad fats out there, but if you stick to whole foods and avoid processed foods, you should be fine. In a natural lifestyle, all animals experience periods of fasting, including humans. Fasting gives our digestive system a break, where it kills off bad gut bacteria, and our metabolism shifts to burn stored body fat.

Studies on fasting have shown incredible efficacy for fighting cancer, losing fat, optimizing brain function, etc. Intermittent fasting simply means setting up your eating schedule to include a period of fasting during the day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to skip breakfast, and eat your meals during a feeding window in the evening. Many people noticed increased cognitive function during a fasted state, and the most common habit of male top performers interviewed by Tim Ferris including military admirals, big wave surfers, actors, and tech start-up billionaires, is that they all skip breakfast.

Our Body’s Thrive on Raw Vegetables

Long Term Fasting. Fasting offers a host of benefits, as I mentioned above. Many of these benefits are amplified by longer fasts, especially fat loss and anti-cancer benefits. Adding in at least one 24 hour fast per month, as well as 2 to 3 day fasts once per quarter, can have significant health benefits. If you have the time and patience, a week long fast is a common habit of health conscious individuals to prevent cancer, increase longevity, optimize hormones, etc. If you are looking to try longer fasts, do your research and educate yourself on the subject. The work of Dr. Jason Fung is a great place to start.

He also has a website, and has been interviewed on a number of podcasts hosted by those such as the biohacker Ben Greenfield, Daniel Pompa, and other notable voices in the community. The Ketogenic Diet. Basically, when our bodies enter a fasted state, we become more efficient at burning fat due to the absence of sugar and carbohydrates.

When you burn fat, either dietary fat or body fat, a form of fuel called ketones are released. When you get really good at burning fat, your body can use ketones as fuel, and many people find that they feel sharper and more mentally aware in this state of ketone burning, known as ketosis. To reach ketosis, you must be very few carbohydrates and a high amount of fat. You can measure whether a ketogenic diet is working by using keto-strips, or a blood ketone monitor. Like fasting, the ketogenic diet usually works best as a tool, rather than a permanent way of eating.

Do the ketogenic diet for a few months at a time and then go back to a diet with more carbs. Everyone has different needs, but entering into ketosis is worth doing for almost everyone at least occasionally. I recommend listening to the interview of Dr. Learn to Count Your Macros. Counting your macros simply means measuring your food intake per day as well as keeping track of your ratios of macro-nutrients. Macro-nutrient categories are, simply put, protein, carbs, and fats.

Many elite athletes count their macros in order to make sure their nutrition is precise and compliments their training goals, but it has gained popularity in recent years as a dieting tool. I recommend getting a basic digital food scale, and counting your macros for 1 month. When this is over, you should have a much better idea of what you eat on a daily basis, and how much of each food group. This should give you a permanently heightened awareness of what you are putting into your body.

If you enjoy measuring and logging things, you can of course continue with this process for as long as it helps you, but in my opinion the best use of food logging is to get a better awareness of what you eat. Eat Fermented Foods.

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One of the greatest influences on our health and well being is the state of our gut biome. Our gut biome is a community of bacteria which inhabit our digestive system and work cooperatively with our bodies. However, due to antibiotics, chemicals, poor eating choices, and other factors of modern living, most people have problems with their gut biomes. We are still learning how to fix these problems medically, but one of the best ways to have a healthy gut biome is to eat high amounts of fermented or pickled foods. These include yogurt, kimchi, miso, saeurkraut, natto, and even just pickles.

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY For Optimal GUT HEALTH (full day of eating)

The best option is to eat home-made versions of these foods, as many grocery store brands contain preservatives which detract from the benefits of fermented foods. Reuteri Yogurt. Reuteri is a bacteria strain found in the upper digestive tract of humans and animals. Good levels of this bacteria are associated with lower inflammation, better gut health, and greater longevity. Interestingly, as chronic disease has been on the rise in past years, the presence of L. Reuteri in humans has been declining. Either way, L. Reuteri has been shown in studies to increase testosterone and oxytocin, lower inflammation, heal gut dysbiosis, and improve immune function.

The best way to get L. Reuteri into your diet is to make yogurt from it. Right now, there is a swedish company with a patent on the best form of L. Fortunately, they sell tablets on Amazon here.