Theft of Souls: The Trial of Lawrence of Arabia

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He said that he had recently been in contact with a countychild protective services agency and that a representative was to have visitedMs.

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It was unclear if that visit took place. Some neighbors said Ms. Brewer had behaved bizarrely. Asked if Ms. Brewer had seemedmentally unstable, Ms. Elijah Crawford,pastor of the Healing Power Church, spoke on behalf of the family at the Westburyhome of a relative of Ms. He saidhe had been told that Ms. Brewer had snapped because money she had expectedfrom a social services agency — money she needed for the children —had failed to arrive. All they know isthat she snapped. They said she had great love for her children. Summary: On February 26, , Stanley W. Chrostowski, 50, diedafter being struck by a tractor trailer.

Investigators said he was drivingsouthbound in the northbound lanes of the Northway when his car hit the truckhead-on. The Ford Mustang he was driving broke in two pieces from theforce of the high-speed, head-on collision. Officials at the scene said thecrash happened at about a. The truck, a refrigerated box truck owned by Stewarts Shops,burst into flames, and the driver escaped with little more than a bump on hishead, said West Glens Falls Fire Chief Michael Gordon. He was treated at Glens FallsHospital and released. He was identified as Kevin Palmatier of Lake Luzerne.

Prior History: Chrostowski had an extensive history of treatment for mentalillness, and investigators were looking into whether he intentionally drove inthe wrong lane in an effort to commit suicide. Two neighbors of Chrostowski whosaid he had recently stopped taking his medication for mental illness said theybelieved he committed suicide. Wilson suffered from depression,anxiety and paranoid schizophrenia.

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His family was evicted from their Brooklynhome last year and his mental state grew worse since that time. In the yearprior to his death, Wilson was hospitalized twice for mental illness. With his father and his year-old sister, Lani, Jasonwas bounced between temporary shelter rooms and the crammed EmergencyAssistance Unit in the Bronx, where he had to sleep on the floor.

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The Wilsonswent to the Emergency Assistance Unit to seek shelter on July 25, and there acity nurse noted on the screening form that Jason was suffering from paranoidschizophrenia. Attached were several letters from a Payne Whitney Clinicpsychiatrist who had been treating Jason.

Summary: James Murphy was shot and killed by police on April 22, in Queens after assaulting his mother and slitting his own wrists. Murphy ran to confront officers who had pulled upin a patrol car.

He pointed his gun at them and refused to drop it whenordered. He was then shot several times by police officers. Police said he hada history of mental illness and was admitted to an undisclosed hospital forpsychiatric evaluation April 5 after threatening his mother. Summary: Alan Zelencic, 28, was shot and killed by police after helunged at them with a inch knife.

He had just slashed his mother with aknife and the police were trying to apprehend him when the shots were fired.

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  • His mother was treated and released. Police officials said OfficersCaruso and Dudley did not appear to have violated department guidelines thatgovern situations in which officers confront emotionally disturbed people. Summary: Valerie Burgher, 34, a New York-based black journalistand writer who battled bipolar disorder, was hit by a train in a Brooklynsubway station on May 31, and died hours later of her injuries, the familysaid.

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    Source: Maynard Institute, June 4, Summary: Alberto Menegro, 42, was charged with second-degreemurder and first-degree assault in a fatal attack on his 8-year-old niece andother relatives in their Manhattan apartment. Other relatives athome heard blood-curdling screams coming from the room, and the mom and unclerushed in to see what was going on, cops said. Horrified at the sight of thedying girl crumpled on the floor, they tried to stop Menegro, who stabbed andwounded both of them, police said.

    Menegro, who also cut hisown throat during the incident, was moved to Bellevue Hospital after beingtreated at Harlem Hospital. Summary: Juan Arequipa, 49, spiked a bottle of Coca-Cola withcyanide and tried to get his unsuspecting teenage children to join him in afatal toast. Fortunately, both children survived. The fatherand daughter were unconscious when ambulance workers arrived, and Arequipalater died. His daughter was in critical but stable condition the next day. Police sources stated that Arequipa was distraught and depressed. Familymembers stated that he had spoken of suicide and was being treated withmedication for depression.

    Source: Newsday, March 24, Summary: In Brooklyn, NY, Georgia Charlton, 24, a woman withschizophrenia, attempted suicide in jail in March , days before she wassentenced to 17 years in prison for throwing a liter of acid on her boyfriendin Charlton was trying to scar Lyew for life because he threatenedto leave her if she had an abortion — but then left her anyway after shedelivered their baby, law-enforcement sources said. She had pleaded not guilty,claiming in court documents that she doused Lyew with industrial-strength drainopener after he tried to beat her.

    History of Lynchings in Kansas

    Charlton, who has been diagnosed withparanoid schizophrenia, and Lyew started a steamy love affair in their nativeJamaica. Elizabeth Levy, 43, narrowly missed striking someone making a delivery, said adoorman at the story building. The death leap happened just past p. She was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Apolice source said Levy left behind a suicide note in which she discussedwanting to be buried according to the tenets of a new age Eastern religion shehad been following.

    Source: Newsday New York , April 6, Summary: Dennis Morgan, a man suffering from paranoidschizophrenia who took daily medication for about 20 years, was charged witharson and assault after he set fire to the apartment he shared with histerminally ill, mother, who also suffered from schizophrenia, in a unitbuilding in Elmsford, NY in April The blaze injured two firefighters andendangered building residents. She told them her son had stabbed her the nightbefore, and Morgan was then also charged with felony assault.

    Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirroinsisted he serve at least five years in prison, and Morgan accepted the pleabargain, unwilling to have the court case continue with no resolution for anextended period of time. Several people familiar with his case believe that Morgan stabbed hismother and lit the fire in a failed attempt at mercy killing and suicide. Subsequent History: Morgan, 51, committed suicide on December 8, at theClinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY, where he had been placed in thegeneral prison population several months earlier, despite his mental illnessand two known previous suicide attempts.

    Morgan was found alone in his cell,bleeding from a cutting wound to his throat. He died several hours later.

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    Summary: Dennis Morgan, 51, a man with schizophrenia, committedsuicide on December 8, at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora,NY, where he had been placed in the general prison population several monthsearlier, despite his mental illness and two known previous suicide attempts. Morgan was found alone in his cell, bleeding from a cutting wound to histhroat.

    Prior History: Morgan, a man sufferingfrom paranoid schizophrenia who took daily medication for about 20 years, wascharged with arson and assault after he set fire to the apartment he sharedwith his terminally ill, mother, who also suffered from schizophrenia, in aunit building in Elmsford, NY in April The blaze injured twofirefighters and endangered building residents. She told them her son hadstabbed her the night before, and Morgan was then also charged with felonyassault.

    Westchester CountyDistrict Attorney Jeanine Pirro insisted he serve at least five years in prisonand Morgan accepted the plea deal, unwilling to allow the court case tocontinue with no resolution for an extended period of time. Fine was withininches of her attacker when Officer Louis Gubitosi pulled the trigger andkilled the year-old man on the upscale block.

    I want todie! The saga began when Bernazard, who was hallucinating andhearing voices in his head, was taken to Long Island College Hospital onSeptember He was still wearing his medical bracelet when he was killed. On the day of the incident, Bernazard grabbed Julie Jacobowitz, 32, a socialworker talking on a cell phone with a friend as she walked home from the gym. But as he spoke, he was already slicing intoher neck, causing her to scream in agony. Cops surrounded Bernazardoutside the store.

    For 10 minutes, the cops tried to reason with Bernazard,telling him to drop the knife.

    But he refused and crouched down behind Fine. After the shooting, an ambulance took Bernazard back to the same hospital hehad walked out of hours before. He was declared dead on arrival. His victimswere not seriously hurt. Summary: Jessie Weiner, 24 and her mother Judith, 60, were founddead in a Manhasset, NY motel after overdosing on pills on April 14, Abottle of prescription drugs was found inside the room but no suicide note wasleft, police said.

    The two were reported missing several days earlier whenBarry Weiner, 57, walked into a police stationhouse and said his wife anddaughter had not returned to their Douglaston, Queens home after leaving in thefamily car. Sources said Judith Weiner, a retired city elementary schoolteacher, had kidney problems and suffered from depression, and that JessieWeiner was bipolar. Both women had attempted suicidein the past. It was unclear when they checked in. Summary: Anatoly Dimitriev, a year-old man was shot and killedin a confrontation with police on December 16, Neighbors said Dimitrievappeared to be mentally ill.

    By the time theyarrived, Dimitriev had barricaded himself in his apartment, holding his sonhostage. Police burst through the apartment door, and Dimitriev fled through awindow onto the fire escape, leaving his unharmed son behind.