Stanley Kubrick: The Visual Poet

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If a system can learn from emotional touches and refinements, as Kubrick predicts, it begs the question: Will we have a moment when the evil power of these A. One only needs to look at deepfakes to wonder what's next. Deepfakes are the application of artificial intelligence technology to create extremely realistic but fake videos. These are videos in which personalities seem to be delivering speech that conveys the opposite of their political point of view or in which they are put in awkward situations.

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It is not basic editing. It is an almost real video created with artificial intelligence that captures the person's facial expressions, feelings and emotions. In the age of information and fake news, deepfakes can have a destructive impact on the image of individuals or corporations. Barack Obama has been a victim.

Stanley Kubrick & The Birth of Visual Poetry - Cult Critic

In a deepfake video, he calls Donald Trump "a total and complete dipshit. It was completely produced, however, with deep learning from artificial intelligence by Jordan Peele as an experimental video to create impact around the world.

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And this was 18 months ago—the quality of deepfakes has improved drastically since then. As a creator myself, this gives me pause about what we will see in the next 40 years. I can only hope that with all of the continued rapid advancements, we will all have more soul than HAL and all of his offspring.

While there is so much technology can do, it's important to remember the humanity of it all, the inspiration that we as artists can and must provide. Otherwise, we run the risk of truly living within a Kubrick-ian nightmare.

Stanley Kubrick: The Visual Poet

Our hopeful, uncertain future with A. Mateus Braga is creative vice president at Isobar Brazil. More from Mateus Braga. Museletter Get Inspired Sign up for the daily Museletter for the latest ad campaigns and the stories behind them. Inspire Me! One of the most esteemed filmmakers of all time, Stanley Kubrick was also one of the most enigmatic.

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This title presents the past, present, future: the world through Kubrick's eyes. It features the incomparable career of a cinematic genius. He broke into the film scene at the age of 26 with the ambitious, independently produced "Killer's Kiss" and within a few years was working with the likes of Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, and Peter Sellers on seminal movies such as Lolita and Spartacus.

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Having gained the support of actors, producers, and movie studios with his early efforts, Kubrick garnered the creative control he needed to produce uncompromising masterpieces such as " A Space Odyssey", "Clockwork Orange", and "Barry Lyndon". Polishing off 's "Eyes Wide Shut" just before his untimely death, Stanley Kubrick left behind a puzzling and positively brilliant body of work.

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