Sex, Lies and the Bible

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With their books, they hope to steal the conversation about sex and the Bible back from the religious right.

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The Bible is an ancient text, inapplicable in its particulars to the modern world. In the Bible, "traditional marriage" doesn't exist. Abraham fathers children with Sarah and his servant Hagar.

The Biblical View of Sexuality |

Jacob marries Rachel and her sister Leah, as well as their servants Bilhah and Zilpah. Jesus was celibate, as was Paul. Husbands, in essence, owned their wives, and fathers owned their daughters, too. A girl's virginity was her father's to protect—and to relinquish at any whim.

Thus Lot offers his two virgin daughters to the angry mob that surrounds his house in Sodom. Deuteronomy proposes death for female adulterers, and Paul suggests "women should be silent in churches" a rationale among some conservative denominations for barring women from the pulpit. The Bible contains a "pervasive patriarchal bias," Coogan writes. Better to elide the specifics and read the Bible for its teachings on love, compassion, and forgiveness. Taken as a whole, "the Bible can be understood as the record of the beginning of a continuous movement toward the goal of full freedom and equality for all persons.

Those who follow the gay-marriage debate are likely familiar with certain bits of Scripture. Two verses, from Leviticus, describe sex between men as "an abomination" in the King James translation. Another, from Romans, condemns men who are "inflamed with lust for one another. When biblical authors wanted to talk about genitals, they sometimes talked about "hands," as in the Song of Solomon, and sometimes about "feet. Ruth identifies herself and spends the night "at his feet. From this, Coogan makes a rather sensationalistic exegetical move. When he is teaching to college students, he writes, someone inevitably asks about the scene in Luke, in which a woman kisses and washes Jesus' feet—and then dries them with her hair.

Is that author speaking about "feet"?

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Or feet? The Bible is stern and judgmental on sex. It forbids prostitution, adultery, premarital sex for women, and homosexuality. But exceptions exist in every case, Knust points out. Tamar, a widow without children, poses as a whore and solicits her own father-in-law—so that he could "come into" her.

Her desire to ameliorate her childlessness trumps the prohibition against prostitution. Knust also argues—provocatively—that King David "enjoyed sexual satisfaction" with his soulmate, Jonathan. Divorce is permitted in the Old Testament—but it's forbidden in the Gospels. Jesus didn't like it: that much is clear. But in Matthew's telling, Jesus softens his position slightly and leaves a loophole for the husbands of unfaithful wives.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is, as everyone knows, a story of God's judgment against homosexuality, promiscuity, and other kinds of illicit sex. Except, Knust argues, it's not. It's a story about the danger of having sex with angels. In the biblical world, people believed in angels, and they feared them, for sex with angels led inevitably to death and destruction.

In the Noah story, God sends the flood to exterminate the offspring of "the daughters of man" human women and "the sons of God" angels, in some interpretations. Non-canonical Jewish texts tell of angels, called Watchers, who descend to earth and impregnate human women, who produce monstrous children—thus inciting God's terrible vengeance. Here are the top 10 lies Christian teens tell themselves when it comes to answering the question, "How far is too far? Not everybody is having sex. While the media and people in school may make it seem like everyone is having sex, there are just as many Christian teens and non-Christians, too waiting until marriage.

Doing something just because everyone else is doing it is just giving into peer pressure. It takes a stronger person, or a person backed up by the strength of God, to resist temptation. When you stand up to peer pressure you are actually saving yourself from committing sin while being a good Christian witness to other teens around you. Sex is a big deal. Ask any Christian teen who struggles with having had sex before.

Sex In The Bible (Documentary)

There are a lot of emotions and spiritual struggles that come from having had sex outside of marriage. It is one of the reasons God placed such an emphasis on sex and relationships in the Bible. Sex is a beautiful act that comes out of the marriage covenant, and it means more than just an action. Some people use the term "technical virgin" when describing their sexual status.

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Usually, this means that the person has not had a sexual act that involved penetration. Virginity is more than that. Virginity is not a state of mind, but it is the conscious choice to not involve oneself in sexual acts until after marriage.

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  7. Usually, this excuse is used if someone wants to justify participating in sexual activity. Sex and love are very different, but they are meant to complement one another. If you are in love it does not mean you should have sex. Sex is an act.

    An International Journal of Nordic Theology

    Love is an emotion. They are very different, and it can be dangerous to mix them up. You should never feel like you have to have sex with someone just because you want to show them you love them. There are plenty of non-sexual ways to show your love to someone.

    5 Big Lies About Sex

    Sin is sin. Sexual sin is still defiance of God, and no sin is acceptable to God. Yes, you can be forgiven, but you will have to live with the sin you have committed, which can be difficult if you are not prepared to deal with sex emotionally. Oral sex is a sexual act.