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Almost Friends Casi amigas Mientras preparan juntas la masa para una torta de chocolate, Samar y su madre conversan. Ronen Geva, Aviv Aldema P: Samar and her mother are conversing as they prepare the dough for a chocolate cake. They live in the city of Lod, in a region ravaged by crime and poverty where Arabs and Israelis coexist, and they are now discussing the identity of Samar.

She was born in Israeli territory, but her father is Palestinian and she was brought up in Muslim faith —so, clearly, identity is not a simple issue for this 12 year-old girl. Through a school integration program, one day she meets through the Internet an 11 year-old girl named Linor, who was born in the Gaza Strip but now lives in the orthodox settlement of Tlamim, located at 67 kilometers from Lod.

Yet what really stands between them is not the distance, but the huge cultural and ideological abyss that is tearing apart the ground beneath their feet.

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Part of a new generation of films that directly address the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a more social than political perspective, Almost Friends captures the genuine anxieties of two young girls on the edge of adolescence, still innocent and hopeful, who are trying to forge a true friendship in a world plagued with fear and prejudices imposed on them by their respective communities. Almost Friends es su primer largometraje como realizadora. A graduated in Film and TV from the University of Tel Aviv, she worked extensively in several Israely media as an assistant director, producer, and researcher.

Almost Friends is her first film as a director.

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Yolliswa von Dallwitz, Susanna Salonen E: Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis P: The long series of disastrous events of the 20th century consolidated an unfortunate misunderstanding, which was started by philosopher Gobineau and taken up later by the Reich: An authentic voyage towards the very heart of truth, crossing the abyss of hate and madness. Entre sus trabajos como realizadora se encuentran los documentales Roots Germania y Road to Rainbow She was born in Hesse, Germany, in A renowned TV actress and host, recently she has focused on her anti-racism activism.

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Some of her works as a documentary director are Roots Germania and Road to Rainbow Entre otros trabajos, podemos ver a las Madres de Plaza de Mayo y su extensa labor en primer plano. Among other works, we get to see a close-up of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and their endless struggle.

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Huge walls and awesome murals are the landmarks in a path that takes her around the world fleeing from silence and chasing the kind of memories that nailed on the bricks. Witnesses and documents of the main socio-political revolutions in the last fifty years, mural art in its more current expression turns up voices in close and far places. Fue productora ejecutiva en el documental Playground , sobre la trata de personas con fines sexuales en EE.

She was an executive producer for the documentary Playground , about human trafficking for sexual purposes in the US. Eduardo Brizuela Lanzillotto CP: In it, four detention centers were operative, and more than five thousand disappeared-detainees were held. There was also a maternity ward, where two hundred babies were appropriated. Through testimonies provided by some of its survivors, Looking for Life continues reconstructing the history of genocide and looking into the evidence of civic complicity, mainly that of multinational companies that had collaborated actively since a few years before the coup.

Entre sus trabajos como realizador, se encuentran Uso mis manos, uso mis ideas , las tres entregas de Gaviotas blindadas , , y En Rawson y en Trelew, agosto siempre es memoria. His work as a filmmaker includes Uso mis manos, uso mis ideas , the three installments of Gaviotas blindadas , , and En Rawson y en Trelew, agosto siempre es memoria.

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Esa pregunta fue el punto de partida de este retrato conjunto de la guerra civil en Siria. Protestas, cuerpos lastimados, tendidos, ciudades en ruinas.

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In late , Kurdish documentary filmmaker Wiam Simav Bedirxan, in the city of Homs, contacted Syrian director Ossama Mohammed —exiled in France since May of that year— to ask him what would he film if he was able to be there. The question was the starting point for this joint portrait of civil war in Syria. From his exile, Mohammed gathered clandestine videos shot with cell phones and uploaded to YouTube by citizens caught in the conflict.

The videos were recorded by victims, but also by the abusers, like one showing a teenager, naked, being mistreated by a soldier. Silvered Water, Syria Selfportrait combines pixelated images of everyday violence in Syria, footage taken by Bedirxan herself in Homs, and off-camera reflections by both filmmakers —also protests, hurt and laying bodies, and cities in ruins.

De origen kurdo y nacida en Homs, Siria, era maestra de escuela primaria en esa ciudad. Born of Kurdish origins in Homs, Syria, she was a schoolteacher in that city. She was only able to meet her co-director in person when she managed to flee from Homs. Sinisa Dragin, Eugen Oprina S: Marian Ioan Iacoban P: Oktobar Film, Mrakonia Film I: Although Eastern neighbors were going through a particularly turbulent period due to their incorporation into the blooming communist block, protocol is still protocol, and friendship between nations —forced or not— must be consolidated by exchanging gifts: After endless red tape, he got the permit to photograph it.

But when they took the innocent painting off the wall…surprise! The decision of choosing Cardinal Bergoglio to be at the front of the Vatican took the world, and also the new Pope, by surprise. However, it was a very meditated selection: He has made over forty documentaries and nine annual shows on syndication and cable networks.

Sin ellos, la tierra, ese bien tan preciado, no existe. Gran Chaco fluctuates between denunciation, observation, and a historical and anthropological view on what it chooses to film. The ground appears wounded, cut in half, weeded, and dismounted, and that is precisely what this documentary is about: The beginning of Gran Chaco features archive footage in which the advantage is identified with evolution by way of work —the proper and loving ending features the voice and faces of the natural inhabitants of this land. A documentary in which what matters is not just the preservation of a natural ecosystem, but its people.

Without them, the land, that precious commodity, does not exist. He studied Visual Arts, Creativity, and Acting, and is a creative writer for several platforms. Gran Chaco is his first feature-length film. Rouven Rech, Teresa Renn, P. To do so, she summons, along with two other Iranian singers, three chanteuses from Paris: Although the key element in the film lies entirely in the warmth and optimism of Sara, who knows the only way to go is forward.

Born in Iran in , he lives between Tehran and Berlin. In , he founded Arta Atelier in his native country, aimed at the production of theater plays, experimental short films, and documentaries.

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Cine del Interior I: Throughout his 87 years, anarchist historian, journalist and writer Osvaldo Bayer was one of the prime examples of a sustained compromise with libertarian struggles, shedding light on the past in order for present and future to be more and more emancipating. Living in between countries ever since his exile in Germany, something that never disengaged him from his strong bond with Argentine reality, the author of Rebellion in Patagonia continues his fight against all forms of oppression in contemporary history and culture, and is still a benchmark in terms of the denunciation of crimes against humanity before, during and after the last dictatorship.

The present, with his wife Marlies and after six decades of living together, finds him as lucid as his work, of which this documentary could be considered as a chapter. Jeff Seymann Gilbert S: Scott Levine, Charlotte Moore M: This dramatic documentary enquiries the point of view of the workers as well as that of the pastor, tracing a situation map without any Manicheism, capable of revealing unwonted dalliances of reality.

Aware that sometimes cinema has to be just an invisible witness to History. Parole de kamikaze es su primer largometraje. Born in Japan in , he moved to France more than 25 years ago. I, Kamikaze is his first feature-length film. Hatcher, Diego Lazo E: Diego Pino Anguita CP: The result is a microanalysis, as comedy as well as tragedy, of the invasion of proselytizing signs that monopolize discussion in order to turn everything into an ideological scene where every gesture is political.

Rather, it finds the unwonted angle in order to allow itself to vibrate with the sociological complexity concentrated in every frame.

It is well-known that the criminal strategy of the last military dictatorship in Argentina included the lack of information and the fear spread through the media as tools of social control: She was born in Mar del Plata in She worked in the area of production in advertising and, later, in film, for such directors as Fernando Spiner, Pablo Fendrik and Nicanor Loreti. Actualmente es productor ejecutivo de Conicet Documental.

He is currently an executive producer at Conicet Documental. Este documental nace de una imagen convertida en un territorio de disputa: Democracies still have the square as its signature space for community struggle and resistance, but also to continue building national history and identity from the public space. Hanna lo sa, e per gelosia chiede al marito di licenziarla. Nei vicini studi intanto hanno luogo le riprese del film; le comparse in posa davanti alle macchine da presa ricostruiscono il dipinto La ronda di notte di Rembrandt, sotto le luci di scena.

Jerzy ricostruisce altri tableaux vivants tratti dai dipinti di Goya: Patrick e Sophie si recano nella fabbrica alla ricerca di comparse per i tableaux. Arriva sul set il finanziatore italiano, preoccupato dall'andamento dei lavori e dal fatto che il produttore Laszlo non sia ancora riuscito a vendere il film. Appare anche combattuto fra Hanna e Isabelle. Quest'ultima, licenziata da Boulard, tenta con ogni mezzo di tornare in fabbrica ma viene bloccata e cacciata da un poliziotto. Il tableau di L'ingresso dei crociati a Costantinopoli di Delacroix si compone in mezzo a una confusione di comparse a cavallo che danno la caccia per gioco a comparse a piedi.

Hanna sopraggiunge dopo che i due hanno fatto l'amore.

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Isabelle accetta una somma da Boulard per non ricorrere contro il licenziamento. Sarebbe disposta a seguire Jerzy in Polonia nel caso decidesse di mollare tutto. Nell'incertezza, il lavoro continua con il tableau di L'assunzione della vergine di El Greco.