Putter Perfection: The Groundbreaking Guide to Finding The Right Fit for Your Game

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Bowling I Love Sports. Volleyball I Love Sports. Sam Blackman Tim Bourret. Steve Michalik Michael Manavian. OptaJoe's Football Yearbook That thing you thought? Think the opposite. Kevin Christofora. Samuel Walker Randy Roberts. Craig Martin Barnes. Baseball Making the Play. When it comes to putters, there are four main varieties. All have different purposes and fit different players. There is no correct putter type. You may love blade putters, but you could end up with one you despise.

Here are the main types of types you can choose from:. True blades are the oldest of design of putters still used today. These putters require a quality strike because of a low moment of inertia MOI. True Blades are important for those golfers who prefer a greater amount of feel. This idea is the same throughout all types of clubs, except perhaps drivers.

When testing irons, for example, an experienced player might prefer a smaller club head iron, because it provides work ability and a better feel for every shot they take. An example of a True Blade is the Wilson This putter has an extremely lightweight construction which provides ample feedback to the player.

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Recognized as one of the most influential club innovations of all time, the Ping Anser has been the gold standard of putter construction for many years. The design was brought to the golf world in , and since then has revolutionized the game. All major putter manufacturers produce an Anser-style blade putter, and all offer the same benefits with some minor tweaks. The thing with Anser style putters is that the design offers a huge amount of variety because it allows for a wide breadth of design characteristics. Anser blades require a large amount of concentration, because most have a low MOI.

These putters are the number ones used on tours for a reason since they are not as demanding as a true blade, but still provide plenty of feedback for a player. Examples of great blades are easy to come by, but since all the designs are built off the same blueprint, it requires manufacturers do more to stand out.

There are a couple of great options, and these are split in to two groups:. Premium blade putters are a class above the rest, so there are many big names that try to dominate this category.

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Here are the putters almost every golf retailer will probably have in stock and you will be able to try:. For many years, I have used a Ping Anser 3, and by that, I mean the original model. Ping continues to dominate the Anser-style blade market and has introduced three families of models over 12 months. All are high level putters. Coming in two models, the Anser, and Anser 2 are throwbacks to the classic design that put Ping on the map. These two putters have a fantastic feel with a milled face design that helps improve the sound at contact, as well as produce a steady forward roll.

The Anser has a classic bronze look with no sight line on the cavity. It is also the lighter feeling putter between the two. If you win on the tour, your putter goes in the vault, and every putter is gold plated. This family of putters has an amazing look: clean, with a platinum finish and a deeply grooved milled face that provides both feedback acoustically and through contact. This is most recent line from Ping.

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The Anser 2 is extremely pleasing due to its dual face technology, which provides a different type of feel for the player. It has the same mill design as the Vault, but the Sigma is an insert putter with two layers of face, one is metal and the other is resin.

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Yes, Cleveland putters have undergone a wonderful transformation this year. This putter is for those who like a clean look, and classic feel. The Huntington Beach model has some of the deepest grooves allowable per the USGA, and because of them, they stand out on the putter rack. This putter is what Cleveland needed to escape being known only for their wedges. TaylorMade offers a beautiful TP model of putter. The Juno and the Soto, which are the Anser-style blades of the set are a dream for those who want bladed performance, but might not like the feel of a milled face.

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The insert is small on the face of the club, which provides a better feel than if the insert went across the entire face. With two sizes, the slightly smaller Juno, and slightly larger Soto, it provides enough customization to please anyone who wants an Anser-style blade. The putters this company produces are some of the best in the industry. The company is just two years old and was founded by Rife company founder Guerin Rife. The Rife line was a wonderful, albeit budget-geared line for players who wanted a deep milled face.

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Evnroll produces two bladed putters, the ER-1, and the ER Made in the U. This putter has an extremely good weight with a inch shaft available and a head of grams.