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It has all the bubbles and less alcohol than most sparklers. This is the oldest sparkling wine in France, created by Benedictine monks more than years before sparkling wine was made in Champagne.

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Taittinger has several levels of quality, but this is one of my all-time favorites, especially after visiting their facility in Reims a few years ago. Their chalk aging caves date back to Roman times. Dale says this is the perfect wine with pizza. Just so you have something to talk about while sipping your favorite sparkler, here is some basic information about the wine most Americans call Champagne. Sparkling wine should not be called generically Champagne. Only wine from the Champagne region of France, about 90 miles northeast of Paris, can legally be called Champagne. When buying sparkling wine you need to know which style you like, though some of us pretty much like them all.

Dry sparkling wines have a zesty acidity that makes them particularly suited to food.

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They can be great with any course of the meal. Sweeter sparkling wines are better with dessert. From driest to sweetest, sparkling wines will have these designations: brut nature, extra brut, brut, extra dry, dry, demi-sec, doux. There are two basic ways to make sparkling wine: methode traditional Methode Champenoise where the bubbles develop in the bottle during a second fermentation, and tank or Charmat fermentation, where the bubbles are introduced in large, pressurized tanks.

The chief advantage of tank fermentation is lower cost. Some tanks can produce , bottles at a time. Sparklers produced in tanks tend to be less complex and have larger, shorter-lasting bubbles than those produced by the traditional method. But they can be fresher and fruitier.

The bubbles in the wine come from carbon dioxide. Small bubbles are preferred to larger ones, and you want the bubbles to continue throughout your drink. The wine should be served cold in tall, narrow, stemmed glasses called flutes. These concentrate the bubbles in the glass. Never use the shallow, saucer-shaped glass called a coupe. It should only be used to serve dessert. For quick chilling, place the bottle in a mixture of ice and water for 15 to 20 minutes. Or lay the bottle down in the refrigerator for three to four hours. Be careful when opening the bottle. The bubbles create a lot of force and can push the cork out at a high speed.

Point the bottle neck away from your face and away from your guests. Remove the foil. Hold the cap down with your thumb and begin untwisting the wire, loosening the cage. Gently remove the wire and immediately replace your thumb on the exposed cork, watching for any movement. Now place the rest of your hand firmly around the rest of the cork and twist gently, while counter-twisting the bottle gently with your other hand.

Allow the cork to free itself from the bottle with a quiet sigh or gentle pop, leaving the bubbles and wine inside the bottle. This is a truly wonderful recipe. What a wonderful recipe. I just made these. No spice overpowered. Perfect consistency, gorgeous flavor. My kids gobbled them up instantly. I cooked them in a convection oven at for 7 minutes. The easy cookie icing worked beautifully. Hi Sally!

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Can I replace the molasses with honey? Will the flavor or the consistency of the gingerbread change much? Hi May! Yes, the flavor and texture of the cookies will change. I recommend sticking with molasses. Hi, you have this recipe in you book as well but the gram measurements are different, even though the cup measurements are the same.

Which should I go with blog or book? I kneaded the dough for a few moments and placed the separated portions in the fridge. Do you have any recommendations on how to ensure the dough stays moist?

Hi Dawn! Moisten your fingers when rolling it out and work little droplets into the dough. Will moisten it up nicely!

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Hapoy holidays. Hi Sally. I used your gingerbread recipe and while it tasted really good mine cracked on top while baking. Just wondering what I did wrong. I believe I used the same recipe last year and they did fine. This recipe is fantastic! The dough was simple to work with and they came out beautifully. Thank you for sharing this one! I made these and followed recipe exactly, but the flavor is not really spot on. Could it be the molasses brand? Anyway, will try again for sure just not super sure about my molasses brand.

Molasses varies in strength depending on the brand and variety. Which did you use? Excellent recipe!

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Thank you Sally! I just made these today and was a little worried about how the cookies were going to turn out. They had a strong molasses smell and taste I used grandma molasses. Then after i accidentally put it in the freezer instead of the fridge. After realizing my mistake it had already been an hour or so and i took it out and just decided to make them. They came out wonderful and my daughter loved them. They tasted great and were easy to make. Made these with my nieces and nephew and had a cookie decorating party.

So fun!

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And such a good cookie. Also handy that you can throw the dough in the fridge the day before. These are so good. I seriously recommond this recipe as a keeper! Thank you! Made these boxing day,and they turned out just like the picture.

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So nice to find a recipe that was as nice as the picture. So I just made the dough tonight and it tastes amazing! The only thing is my dough is crumbly… what did I do wrong? Any advice? Hi Christina! If you notice the dough is crumbly as you roll out and cut into shapes, moisten your hands with a little flour and squish the dough a bit with your hands. The added moisture will help. This is the first time I made gingerbread cookies and I loved it!

Never cared for gingerbread cookies too hard and dry; overpowering molasses flavor until I tried these. I have made at least a dozen times over the last few years and they are so delicious.

Christmas stuffing recipes

Thanks sally! Hi Sally, this is my favourite gingerbread recipe! Wanted to know if I can use it as a base for brownies this year? I love this idea — YUM!!