Patriots and Profits: The Prelude to For Ones Own Cause (Alan Scott Series Book 1)

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Washington — A Life by Ron Chernow. Chernow's Washington is the much-needed, authoritative biography of America's first president for the modern age. Washington is incarnated in flesh and blood, imbued with human characteristics, suffused with moral strengths and human weaknesses — reflected in such sobering issues as his unresolved moral dilemma about slavery, his consuming preoccupation with rank and propriety, and how he will be seen and judged by posterity.

Washington is portrayed in his rarely seen human side, from sharing hardships with his soldiers during the Revolutionary War to his flirtatious eye for the ladies at social gatherings. In this biography Washington's human characteristics that have been forgotten or neglected are revived; nevertheless in his human form, Washington's place at the pinnacle of American history remains justly secure as the timeless hero of the American Republic!

See Dr. Miguel Faria's review of this book on this website. A comprehensive and honest biography. James Monroe by W. This is a colorful, truthful, and well researched biography of a great Virginian who served his country for many years in faithful and diligent service.

For One's Own Cause

He seems to be only remembered today as the author of the Monroe Doctrine, but as President of the United States, Monroe presided over the prosperous years known as the Era of Good Feeling. A delightful biography that is long overdue about one of America's least known Founding Fathers. Jefferson by Albert J. Melton, Jr.

Although a small tome of pages, this is an engaging and mesmerizing biography from both historic and legal points of view. You will not be able to put this book down! The adventurer and intriguer within Burr jumps out at us from the pages of this book. Chase, and, the forgotten Founder, Luther Martin, all come alive with memorable words and deeds! In this book, Ms. Isenberg, in a great leap of faith and with significant scholarship, attempts but fails to restore Burr's historic reputation as an American revolutionary icon and Founding Father.

She succeeds in revealing other aspects of Aaron Burr's private life and personality that many of us suspected but could not quite pinpoint. Hamilton and the other American Founders had good reason to mistrust this man. This tome is an excellent biography of William J. The life of Casey is a story against all odds, and to understand the story of this man who was so dedicated, the book must be read with the avidity it deserves.

The cover of the book says, "Persico portrays a man at once complex and simple: a devout Catholic…an ideological warrior always at the ready with a crowbar or a legal brief; a deeply intelligent, yet oddly naive American patriot. This biography is highly recommended. This is a fascinating biography of one of the founding members, most influential, as well as one of the longest serving CIA Directors in the agency's history Eisenhower, the Dulles brothers dominated the intelligence and foreign policy arenas in American politics.

What an incredible biography and spectacular journalistic and historical research! When I began to read this book, I wondered what I was doing reading a biography of a man I considered to be a despicable individual, fifteen years after publication. I had previously read two of Edward J. Epstein's books and had been impressed. Those two books are also listed here. Moreover, I had read reviews of this book at the time of publication and I remember the accolades even years later, so I immersed myself in this book, which turned out to be another spellbinding adventure that I could not put down.

Epstein had uncovered information that Armand Hammer thought would remain deeply buried and unrecoverable. From his childhood until his death, every fact on this man's life had been unearthed by the investigative journalism of this incredible author! The avalanche of facts make intentions and motives crystal clear.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Journal of Sir Walter Scott, Volume I.

This book must be read to be believed. While carefully building a sterling reputation that was central to his duplicitous life, posing as a capitalist, art connoisseur and philanthropist — Mr. Besides those with an interest in Cuba, the tropical paradise, her turbulent history, the memories of Old Havana, etc. This is an absolutely enchanting book, explaining Cuban history in terms of revolutionary politics and economics in terms of control of sugar world prices, from the turn of the 20th century just before and during the Cuban Revolution.

Sugar was sold then similarly as oil is today, as a world commodity, except that in sugar, Cuba and Julio Lobo, rather than OPEC and Chavez, were the biggest players, that is until Fidel and Raul Castro, Che Guevara, and communism basically destroyed the economy of the island. The rest is history. Charles Spencer — British author, journalist and former correspondent for NBC News , writer, broadcaster, and British peer 9th Earl Spencer and brother of the late Princess Diana, the former Princess of Wales — has written an incredible biography using superb historical research about a truly incredible man, Prince Rupert of the Rhine!

As Spencer wrote in the Introduction: "It is hard to believe that one man packed so much into a single lifetime! Miguel Faria's complete book review posted on this website. A comprehensive biography of the great general who under the loyal banner of Austria and the Holy Roman Empire defended Christendom from the invading Ottoman Turks, pushing back the Islamic wave threatening Central Europe. Eugene of Savoy photo, right in some memorable battles, such as the Battle of Belgrade, routed the Ottoman forces and sent them back to the sultan in Istanbul in shame and dissolution.

As if that was not enough, the legendary but serious and no-nonsense general, in alliance with the Duke of Marlborough, defeated the military machine of Louis XIV in the west, ending the golden years of power and glory of the Sun King of France. The biography is often like its subject, cut and dry, but always informative, and given the subject matter, engaging and edifying. Highly recommended for those interested in the life and times of the prince and the wars he fought. In my opinion, these are the best memoirs ever published.

Reading these six volumes is not only like stepping into this man's shoes and becoming the great lover, Jacques Casanova, but actually experiencing life, conversations, adventures, and intrigues in the marvelous 18th century in the great European cities of Italy, Spain, France, England, Holland, and even Germany and Russia! Imagine saving the life of an eminent Venetian senator, a nobleman, and becoming his adopted son!

Imagine meeting the Pope and receiving a papal dispensation so he could eat meat on Fridays! Imagine meeting world figures such as Madame de Pompadour, Voltaire, Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great; and becoming friends with the great ministers of Louis XV, as well as such notable charlatans as Cagliostro and Saint Germain! And of course, don't forget becoming the greatest lover of the 18th century and seducing high ranking noble women as well as rescuing the lowliest damsels in distress — and loving each and every one of them!

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Besides all of this, the memoirs are incredibly and beautifully written as if Casanova was speaking to us today. I have read no better portrayal of an entire era as contained in these enchanting, six volumes. The only despair is when the book ends and we read the publishers details of the author's final days. What a life!

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Bloomsbury, U. This tome is Illustrated, annotated with Notes and Bibliography, has a brief chronology, and contains pages. Casanova protected the identity of most of the women in his life, especially aristocratic dames or well-known figures, and this book deciphers their identities.


Judith Summers sets out to find out who they were and succeeds admirably in tracing their lives, they identities and what became of them. Jeremy P. New York USA. For that alone it is recommended. Unfortunately Ian Kelly chooses to relate essentially the same incidents in the early life of Casanova as Judith Summers had already done in her excellent book two years earlier.

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Frequently he quotes exactly the same passages. The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The anonymous translation into English of and revised and completed by A.

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Heritage Press edition, Let us just say that Rousseau cries rivers of tears in recounting details of his life. We laugh and wonder how this man became the influential person he was, and how such giants of the times, including Robespierre and Napoleon, were fascinated by the details of this man's life and his works! The Confessions of St. Heritage Press edition. This is a very personal and deeply spiritual work of a saintly man speaking to God.

We do learn that St.