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As surgeons become increasingly aware of their role in opioid misuse, better tools are needed to guide behavior. There has recently been a plethora of research into opioid prescribing after surgery.

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A review of this literature was performed using a search for manuscripts written in the English language. Our goal was to develop an easily recalled approach to postoperative opioid prescribing. It is important that surgeons recognize the potential for opioid misuse in their patients.

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Strategies have been developed to decrease the risk of prescribing opioids. RIGHTT provides a simple acronym for surgeons to integrate best-practice strategies into their management of post-surgical opioids. Non-opioid pain adjuncts; Opioid education; Opioid misuse; Opioid prescribing; Postoperative pain.

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National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Here are four of her most helpful tips for managing multiple projects at once. Curry uses and maintains a physical journal and day-planner.

It's "one of those things that's so simple, but you often forget to do it," she says. While traveling, she says, "You end up with these hour days for three days [straight], and then the rest is history for the next two weeks because you're under the weather or you just can't get it together. I was a chicken with my head cut off, running around trying to get it all done and figure it out. Living that way is not only miserable, but it leads to a lower quality of output.

As Curry notes, "What I realized was I wasn't being fair to myself, and I also wasn't being fair to the people that were setting aside their time when it came to my business and my work. The person no longer knows there is a audience around them viewing their simply amazing or atrocious dance moves.

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