Garage Sale Bible (The Frugal Way Book 3)

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Aidan's Garage Sale Teepee

Olivia helps with Christmas — Ian Falconer. Christina Butler. The Gift Of the Magi — O. Snowmen at Work — Carolyn Buehner. Your email address will not be published. Aidan hopped out of the van to check it out.

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The teepee is a pretty neat design. There are screws that hold the canvas to the PVC pipes.

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  • At the top of the teepee, there are holes drilled in the PVC pipe, and a couple pieces of cord hold the pipes together. The cord is loose enough to allow the PVC pipes to move.

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    I love that tent. Looks like so much fun.

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    You might want to take a photo of the kids reading a book in there - like with flashlights. Great blog you have.