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Also several translations into Abnaki. History of New England during the Stuart dynasty. Boston and London, Some helps for the Indians, shewing them how to improve their natural reason, to know the true God, and the true Christian religion, etc. Cambridge, ; Hartford, from Connecticut Historical Soc. A morning prayer [and a number of other prayers, translated into Mohegan]. Stockbridge, Contains also a translation of Dr Watts' Shorter catechism for children. A dictionary of the Abnaki language, in North America. With an introductory memoir and notes by John Pickering. In Ainerican Acad.

And now translated into Indian by Grindal Rawson. Reprinted in somewhat altered form in the Indiane primer of , see El. Second title: Wunnamptamoe sampooaonk wussampoowontamun nashpe moeuwehkomunganash ut New-England, etc. See also El. A key into the language of America; or, An help to the language of the natives in that part of America, called NewEngland. London, ; in Rhode Island Historical Soc. The page references herein are to the Rhode Island Historical Society edition Ojibue spelling book.

Earlier editions in one volume , Utica, ; Boston, Philadelphia, ; ; partial reprint; 2 vols. London, ; Boston, ; Birmingham, in The English scholars library.

9th International Conference, MONAMI 2017, Melbourne, Australia, December 13-15, 2017, Proceedings

John Smith Works. Virginia, Hist. London, , , , , , in Harris, J. Smith, Fishes of Maas. Natural history of the nshes of Massachusetts. Manuacript in the library of Y ale University. In the library of Yale Dniversity. Storer, Rept. Report on the fishes, reptiles, and birds of Massachusetts.

The historie of travaile into Virginia Britannia, etc. London, printed for the Hakluyt Society, Sketch of grammar of the Chippeway language, to which is added a vocabulary of some of the most common words.

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By John Summerfield, alias Sahgahjewagahbahweh. Cazenovia, Bruxelles, Several other editions. Several works on East Indian language and literature.

  1. A Reluctant Empress (Harem Masters #3) (Harem Masters Series);
  2. Cruising Equipment List.
  3. Books by Robin G. Coles.

Dictionary of the English language. A relation of the colony of the lord baron of Baltimore, in Maryland, near Virginia; a narrative of the voyage to Maryland, by Father Andrew White, etc. In Force Tracts, vol. Several works on American ornithology. Good nevves from New-England; or A true relation of things very remarkable at the plantation of Plimoth, etc. London, ; partly reprinted in Purchas, Samuel, His pilgrimes, vol. The description, culture, and use of maiz. In Philosophical Transactions, no.

Wood N. Nevv Englands prospect. A true, lively, and experimentall description of that part of America, commonly called Nevv England, etc. London, ; ; ; ; Boston, in Publications of Prince Society :. Wood L. Brooklyn, ; ; ; With a preface and notea by the translator. Published by order of the American Philosopnical Society in the third volume of the new series of their Transactions. Philadelphia, ; in American Philosophical Soc.

From the collection of manuscripts presented by Judge Lane to Harvard University. Also several translations into Delaware, and other works containing Delaware linguistic material. In the English-Natick part it apparently indicates that the words it precedes represent ideaa foreign to the aboriginal thought.

See t! With an. M, he strives after, is dili- gent or active to secure. Cree ach, he is active, diligent. So, in the Cree, according to Howse Gr. This is a caus. The prefix adt marks appropriation, a growing, or bringing forth, to or for an owner. With inan. See wekitteau. The contracted form of ohkeiyeu, earthward El. K, achat, traitement.

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One who is akin to or in some sense belongs to another. Cotton has nut-ahchuueehteom?

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  • Used by Eliot only as an adverb, in the sense of diligently, [ earnestly, exceedingly, very much, etc. MA, Ps. See adt.

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    Its force is equivalent to that of ahque prefixed: ontah-. In his Grammar p. This name is used by Eliot for 'roe', 'roe-buck', and in one place for 'hart', as well as for deer generic. Of the several names applied by Eliot to deer-kind:. Stiles MS. Old Alg. Tribes, , says of the tradition that at the first deers were the hunters of men, and his statement that the mythic "Adik was a famous hunter of the North' etc.

    Look for the possible relation of Mass. With the characteristie of forcible or disastrous action, ahqshau, he is compelled to refrain, unwillingly refrains, or the like, Is- 33, 8. From ahque, with the forma- tive of verbs of inan. From ahque, privative, with -'HOM, the formative of verbs of raining falling water. See sokanon.

    See ahtuk. Amisk, a generic name for beaver-kind, has been retained in the principal Algonquian dialects: Abn.


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    Minsi amochk, Zeisb. Luke 21, This is a verb in the suppositive its regular indicat. In some dialects this prepositive verb is further varied with the position or attitude of its subject-before him when. Maillard Micmac Gr. See unne. See aNMpae. K 10, From i. In either form the verb sig1- nifies to take hold of an an. F anisheau. See tmm. B annimmungquot, n. See tMKMM.

    For an6gqussu, he appears, shows himself. Modem Abn.

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    In other. It signifies, primarily, to correspond with, to be like in form, degree, extent, duration, etc. As an adv. See nogque. See anantam.