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Hell Antenora No. Dante No.

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Amatsu No. Resonate: Deals 5 damage to all enemy units with Halt status. Souls' Return No. The Outriders No. If friendly units have leveled up 5 times or more, returns any single enemy unit to their EX Pocket instead. Number of times leveled up: 0. Killer Bee No.

Double No. Dalamadur No. Tainted King Vaal Hazak No. Units in Graveyard: 0. Desperate Act No.

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Also grants that unit "Destroyed after attacking once". Forbidden Fruit No. See all cards. Pattern 1 Nero Deck. Pattern 3 Dark Usurper Urizen Deck. Among them, both male and female ones were fertile and a child between them was also a unique devil. However, this rarely happened for a child as powerful as a unique devil was a dangerous asset if it turned on its parents and infernal society did not create stable relationships of loyalty between parents and children. A third group of devils came spontaneously into being from the plane or part of Baator. A fourth category, that of erinyes, were fallen angels.

In general, sexuality was enjoyed more like a hobby by devils and among them far more often by the powerful than the weak. A devil that died on Baator was truly dead. On Baator, the killed devil came back. Fully recovered and in the form it was killed in.

However, it took them ninety-nine years until they took their old form. Quite often, especially when the devil in question was of low rank, demotion awaited the slain devil. Devils had eternal life in eternal youth. A devil that did not look healthy was either under some curse, supernatural disease, or was somehow cut off from a sufficient supply of divine energy.

One way to kill them was to somehow cause them to suffocate for devils needed, in very small amounts but still, oxygen to live on. Devils were bullies. They were vicious creatures who were capable of attacking and killing people for essentially no reason. Devils had an instinct to look for other people to blame when they suffered a setback and had drive to plan plans to exact vengeance against whomever they held responsible even when they were demoted to a weaker station.

This could take a lot of time.

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For example, the grandson or granddaughter of some dead person who was indirectly involved in the demotion of devil was an eligible target for the demoted devil even after it managed to be re-promoted. Devils often delegated their work to others. They constantly looked for ways for promotion. The goal behind this behavior was the fulfilment of the devil's own desires. They tried to rise up the hierarchy to modify rules in ways that suited them. This was the root of their dedication to the cause of lawful evil.

They had some tendency to act on emotion, especially when faced with the prospect of vengeance, and with enough provocation, could be made to act in ways that were detrimental to their ultimate goal up to death in pursuit of vengeance. Devils often had magical abilities. A large number of devils had an aura of fear, which they used to split enemy groups apart.

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Most devils had some kind of illusion abilities, which were used to sow confusion among their enemies. A common use of these illusory powers was to create illusory support for themselves. They abused their enemies' inability to distinguish between illusory and real summoned support. Devils were at a stark numerical disadvantage in the Blood War. The devils' advantages were their equipment, morale, and tactics, the last was helped not just by the fact that devils were the best military strategists in existence but also by the lack of discipline among the demons and their disastrous incompetence at planning.

All in all, the victory-defeat ratio of the devils was about As mentioned above, devils were at a severe numerical disadvantage against the demons.

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So, they developed a number of strategies to fight against them, which were also used against others. First, devils never fought on Baator when they could help it. The reason for this was that they would actually die if they died on Baator.

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  5. Second, a lot of devils had the ability to use greater teleport. They made frequent use of hit-and-run-tactics using this ability. In general, they attacked a group of enemies, teleported away, healed themselves, and started anew. When devils fought in a more long term way against their enemies, they attacked in ways that curtailed their enemies' combat abilities in a lasting manner. For example, it was common for them to sneak up and kill off animal companions and similar creatures and go away.

    When fighting anything alive, the devils' combat philosophy was to securely kill their enemies. For example, when they knocked somebody unconscious, they did not believe that their job was done. First, a devil killed the unconscious enemy and then took on the next enemy. This was done to kill any chance that the unconscious one could return to the fight, for example by receiving magical healing.

    Furthermore, when they fought on the Prime, they knew that dying would not ill them, but they also knew that dying there might cost them a lot including their rank.

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    Therefore, they had no problems of running away, when a battle did not go their way. For example, they tried to use their summoning powers as early as possible to summon allies into strategically beneficial positions. They went as far as fighting in a noisy manner, for example by constantly screaming, to allow their allies notice the battle, so they came to its aid. When devils had the chance, they tried to deplete their enemies' resources by sending their underlings to engage the enemies.

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