Choosing Your Power:Becoming who you deserve to be, at home and in the world!

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Awareness is the first step in releasing the old habitual patterns of lack so that you can start living and breathing the feelings of a full life. So if you find yourself in a less than healthy and ideal situation, take a moment and ask yourself:.

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Take some time reflecting on these two questions, and then sit in silence for about five minutes as you follow the rhythm of your breath and focus your attention on your heart center. Be aware of what arises. This is like creating your own mantra that you breathe in and out. It is effective at changing your self-talk so that you feed your mind positive thoughts about yourself instead of negative ones.

How do you want to be living? And, how can you inject your own self-love into this equation? Once you know your worth, once you truly care about yourself on a deep soulful level, you will want to take care of yourself and give yourself the best. Through self-love and self-worth you will find the courage to take action to live a better life. And if you are having difficulty with this process, please remember it is a process, and rarely does this change happen overnight. But it does happen. You can create a better life.

Start by being aware of how you treat yourself. You can pray, meditate, practice affirmations, and ask your inner guidance for help. All of these actions will increase your faith and energy, which will lead to increased positive actions to enhance your life. Start being kinder in how you talk to yourself, how much time you give yourself, and how often you treat yourself to something lovely.

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    Think Web Strategy. Essentially, I had manifested my own jail cell, which represented what I thought I deserved. That was exactly what happened. What amazes me is that our practice of deeper self-love is continually evolving and growing. This is why awareness is the magic key. So if you find yourself in a less than healthy and ideal situation, take a moment and ask yourself: Does this relate at all to your feelings of self-worth and self-love?

    Is there any way that you are responsible for creating the reality that you are living?

    Your Reality Is a Reflection of What You Believe You Deserve

    What you feed your mind grows and becomes your reality. Maybe you allowed it to happen over and over again. Understanding why you spend time with people who have treated you poorly is key to preventing it from happening again. It's easy to convince yourself that you have a special relationship with someone. And you're the only one who truly gets them. When other people advise you to steer clear, you'll remind yourself that they just don't understand this individual like you do. It's frustrating when you see someone who seems to be throwing their life away.

    Love yourself quotes for times when you feel like you’re not good enough

    You know they could do so much better and accomplish so much if they really wanted to. So you keep focused on how smart, talented, or skilled they are in hopes that someday, they'll get the motivation, energy, and drive to reach their greatest potential. You think that you have the knowledge, patience, compassion, or time to support the other person in changing. And you might convince yourself that without you, the other person won't ever change. So you decide you're tough enough to handle the mistreatment because you're hopeful things will get better.

    If things were bad all the time, it'd be easy to cut the person out of your life. But there's a good chance there are some good times too.

    The desire to see the best in people can cause you to focus on the good only. And the more you think about the positive, the more disillusioned you'll become about the reality of the situation.

    Choosing Your Power: Becoming Who You Deserve to Be, at Home and in the World!

    It can be tempting to look for a reason why someone would behave badly. It can't possibly be that the other person is mean, disrespectful or uncaring, right? Whether you're convinced your colleague had a rough childhood or you think your partner's behavior stems from a high-stress job, excuses allow the mistreatment to continue. If you have a deep-rooted belief that you're a loser or that you're unworthy, you'll surround yourself with people who confirm your conclusions.

    It's a vicious cycle that's hard to break.