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By day three you'll wonder how you ever coped without it and using an "old" iPhone will seem old and antiquated.

1. Introduction

It really is that easy and you don't need to wait for the padlock icon at the top to change to the unlock graphic before swiping up. Tap to wake: Simply tap on your iPhone XR screen when it's off to wake it up and see what notifications you have. To unlock it with Face ID you'll still have to pick it up slightly and look at it. If you are in an app that is running landscape, you'll need to remember sliding up from the bottom of the screen i.

Take a screenshot: Simply press the power button and the volume up button together quickly and it'll snap a screenshot of whatever is on the screen. The iPhone XR doesn't have 3D Touch , but it does have Haptic Touch, allowing you to long press on the icons to gain access to further settings within each icon. Read our separate feature on Haptic Touch and what you can do with it. Accessing open apps: Previously you double tapped on the Home button to reveal what apps you had open. On the iPhone XR, you swipe up and then pause with your finger on the screen.

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You can then see the apps you have opened in the order you opened them. Launch Siri: While you can use the "Hey Siri" hot word to wake up Apple's digital assistant , there's still a way to launch the function using a button press. Double tap it and it'll bring up your Apple Wallet for Apple Pay , then scan your face and it will ask you to hold your phone close to the payment machine.

Access widgets on the lock screen: Swipe from left to right on your lock screen. This tip is great for checking your activity rings if you have an Apple Watch or checking WhatsApp chat icons. If you scroll to the bottom, you can edit the widgets and add more. Create your own Memoji: Open Messages and start a new message. You can then customise face shape, skin tone, hair colour, eyes, jewellery and much more. Now tap the Memoji you want to use. Start a new message and tap the camera icon, and then press the star button in the bottom left corner.

Now choose the Animoji option, by tapping that monkey's head again.

Select your Memoji and tap the 'x' not the "done" button and then take your picture. As with the photo selfie, go to Messages, tap on the camera icon, tap on the video option and then tap on the star in the bottom left corner. Load the Animoji or your Memoji and off you go. Notifications set to deliver quietly: If you are worried that you are getting too many notifications you can set how they deliver on an app by app basis. Swipe left when you've got a notification on the Lock screen and tap on Manage.

Tap 'Deliver Quietly'. Quiet notifications appear in Notification Centre, but do not appear on the Lock screen, play a sound present a banner or badge the app icon. You;ve just got to remember to check from time to time.

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  • 2. Changes in 2015;

Turn off notifications from an app: Same method as the "Deliver Quietly" feature, except you tap the "Turn off Open Notification Centre on Lock screen: From your lock screen, swipe up from the middle of the screen and you'll see a long list of previous notifications if you have any. Checking your Screen Time: You can check how you've been using your phone with the Screen Time feature.

Schedule Downtime: If you need a little help using your phone less, you can restrict what apps you use when. Really appreciate all the detail you put into it without making a beginner feel like a dummy! Not to mention the price breakdown was VERY helpful! So, just following the instructions closely is more than enough to do a perfect job coating your vehicle. Hello Mr. Eric Williams I have used AvalonKing some few weeks ago on my wife car and I can tell you that the result is fantastic.

How To Start A Mobile Car Wash Business !! (PART 1)

Ray Axisa. Thanks Ray, that is just awesome! These are our recommended quantities for the respective type of vehicle. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Eric Williams December 8, The process is very easy.

Add the recommended amount of shampoo to the water. Using a strong jet of water, fill the bucket to fully activate suds. Fill the second bucket with clean, water for rinsing your wash mitt. Soak a large wash mitt in the soapy water and wring it out over the wash surface. Begin washing the car. Working in sections, start at the top of the car and work your way down, regularly cleaning your mitt in the rinse bucket.

Wash in straight, overlapping lines as opposed to circles and remember to be gentle with the wash mitt on the first pass. This first pass will pick up the majority of the dirt and loosens the remaining dirt for pick up on the second pass. If the water in the bucket begins to get cloudy or gritty, throw it out and refill with clean water.

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Wiping down the washed surface to ensure no water spots are left. For drying, use a clean microfibre cloth or drying towel, as these are less likely to scratch your paint than a chamois. Detailing mitts are the way to go for achieving the perfectly smooth surface.

Both must utilize a lubricant to help them glide across the painted surface. We suggest spraying the clay mitt as well to ensure proper lubrication. I Lightly glide the clay mitt along the surface in a cross-hatch pattern. Repeat on all panels of the car until you have finished. Polishing the swirls and scratches makes the car paintwork shine as it had straight out of the factory. Featured Product. Buy now. He's also known as the Ceramic Coating whisperer in our office hallways. When he's not buffing away on his ol' Shelby Cobra, he enjoys watching Sunday sports and spending time with his family.

November 25, Greensboro detailer 24 Sep Reply. We have recently started our car detailing service business and came across this article. Mike 13 Aug Reply. Gerald 2 Jun Reply. Eric Williams 2 Jun Reply. Ali 20 May Reply. Adrian Jones 15 May Reply.

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Andrew 29 Apr Reply. Maximo R Mugica 14 Mar Reply. How difficult is application of Ceramic Armor Shield to the car, any technique in particular? Eric Williams 14 Mar Reply. Ray Axisa 24 Dec Reply. Eric Williams 25 Dec Reply. Close X. Overall Rating Select a star rating.

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Remember Me. Your username. Another Great post by Jon Landeros. Keeping Up with the Styles of the Times — Migrating to Autodesk Inventor Jon Landeros has written an number of useful posts on migrating styles and templates from one release of Inventor to another.

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Because we only do it once a year Minimum! You may also find these other posts on migration from Jon Landeros helpful:. Otherwise — sit back and enjoy another great tip Jon Landeros. This post by Thomas Rambach gives you some food for thought. Wake your users up by having Inventor give them a scolding!

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This a very amusing use of iLogic, by Curtis Waguespack. You made it! Thanks very much for sicking around : I hope that you found plenty of really useful Inventor tips that you can use right now. Go you! Hi Paul, Thanx for posting these.