A Breath Before Dying: The Deconstruction of Benjamin Smith

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When satisfied that Islands In The Sky. In a world with a great gulf between the haves and have-nots, one strong willed In a world with a great gulf between the haves and have-nots, one strong willed and resourceful man fights for his future. Cord is a man that is trying to survive and thrive. He finds a woman to love and Just Before The Giggle. Where countless medical therapies and medicines may have fallen short of their promise of lasting Where countless medical therapies and medicines may have fallen short of their promise of lasting relief, successful hypnotherapist Alan W.

Weiner delivers proven, powerful methods for releasing yourself from the prison of chronic pain. The true-life stories and expert insight Chad Collins and his close friend, Dr. Juan Velasco, are caught up in a Mel Levine, president of the HMO and his cohort of unethical doctors, lawyers and accountants have discovered a way to deny Rogue's Gambit. Richard Heffner.

He is my mentor. I was his intern. No, not that kind of intern. I can't say he's had 15 minutes of fame So, I guess he's had 43 years of fame, but he is only known by a select group of people.

I sort of know Stefianianna Christofferson - who was the original voice of Daphne in the Scooby Do cartoons. She does sings and does "performance art" now. My boss claims to have appeared in "Blame it on Rio" as Michael Caine's body double which is funny because now my boss would be roughly double Michael Caine's body weight. He also allegedly had a speaking role with Hunter, which I believe because he has told me stories about how Fred Dryer was a total jerk. But he tells us stories about everyone from Meyer Lansky to Woody Harrelson's family he is a retired lawyer in Texas.

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Holly Berger. She did the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget after the first season. I don't really know her in person, but we exchanged e-mails after she saw my IG site. Another one - I casually date a Hollywood stuntman including Con Air. Everyone listens to me -- no matter how dumb my suggestions are. A friend of mine was out on her family's sailboat when they were filming the scene in Blues Brothers where they drop the car into the lake, so my friend was in the movie but she was really small The one who's not head of the KKK; the actor.

A girl I had a crush on in high school is one of the main dancers at the Lido in Paris. My girlfriends dad is ex-wrestler Kevin Von Erich. Ellen Cherry. Before I began working here 12 years ago , a statewide public television network, Tim Kaiser was an associate producer.

He left shortly before I came, went to Hollywood and became one of the producers of Seinfeld and has Emmys in his possession. Also, I sort of know Josh Hopkins, an as-yet little-known young actor who is beginning a role on Ally McBeal this fall. He will be playing I gather from the promos her new love interest in the wake of Rober Downey Jr. So, he may become famous very soon. Avery Schreiber once came into a used book store I worked in. That would be a better story if a I had interacted with him in any way or b if anyone knew who Avery Schreiber was or c if those who do know who he is found it at all interesting that he came into the used book store I worked in.

Find all posts by Legomancer. My wife was in E. She was the little girl with long braids standing horrified with a frog in either hand after Eliot's drunken rampage in science class. She got considerably less goofy-looking with age.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Color Line, by William Benjamin Smith

Find all posts by Scupper. Elvis gave him a Cadillac. My aunt used to be friends with Paul Reiser's sister. Pavarotti touched my mother's stomach while she was pregnant with me when she asked him for his autograph after a performance. He accurately predicted my gender. I was once babysat by Clara Bow's son Clara was a famous silent film star.

Do these count? I am aquainted with the waiter in airport in the forthcoming movie, "Sum of All Fears". I played Isaiah Thomas in basketball when I was younger. Michael Skupin from Survivor II the burned his hands guy lives near me. Fiddle Peghead. The girlfriend of my ex-fiancee's brother was the principal dancer at the Moulin Rouge in the early nineties. I know an Academy Award winner. A casual friend of mine won for Best Documentary Feature last year.

It was genuinely strange to be watching the Oscars and seeing this person you know waltz up the stairs and give a touching, brief acceptance speech. Now I have to get over to her house and see that little statuette Roly-poly comic with a big moustache, used to do the cab-driver routine with Jack Burns "Yeh!

I used to date an astronaut, long before she ever though of joining the program. I personally know the garbage can that supposedly will feeature prominantly in a chase scene in the new Jennifer Lopez movie "Enough". They filmed it in our town and borrowed a friend's trash can. I can't wait to cheer it on when it makes its film debut.

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Unfortunately it was killed durning the filming. I know the Spoon Man on Sound Garden's? He lives in our town and his name is Artis.

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Find all posts by sjc. He's not a celebrity, but Lee Goldberg was executive producer for "Diagnosis: Murder" and is now writing screenplays for the "Nero Wolfe" show. I interviewed him and reviewed his Star Trek-parody novel "Beyond the Beyond. Find all posts by pesch. One of them was in Trainspotting.


Find all posts by Katisha. I was in a celebrity tournament once with Dave Barry, and many people had no idea which of us was supposed to be the celebrity! It's funny, I often think about the breed of people who are like gods to the people who know their field, but they could sit next to the average person on an airplane and never attract second notice.

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I know my husband would drop dead speechless if he ever ran into Sam Maloof or James Krenov famous modern woodworkers but they would completely escape notice in a crowd. I think it must be odd to have a life where at some events you would garner a huge standing ovation, but otherwise you're utterly anonymous. Along those lines, my husband has come to know Tom Lie-Nielson a little bit.

He's a plane maker, really a master in creating reproductions of Stanley planes, definitely a big, big guy in his field. And we both know Earl Klugh--certainly famous among jazz guitarists, but pretty unknown outside of that genre. And, among 3-D computer animation folk, my husband is halfway one of these famous types, almost sortof kinda, because of the software project he helped on. He isn't one of the utterly cool original developers, who really are gods to fans of the software, but Any Bette Midler fans here?

I'm not familiar with her past, but apparently, years ago when she had a stage show or tour, whatever she did this "mermaid" scene, where she wore this great mermaid costume. My friend David Baca designed that costume. He also worked on many TV shows as a costumer, and also worked on the Oscars, year after year.